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The unfortunate story of a pretty dress and a naive girl

This is just a little experience that I'm sure more than one of us has gone through...

I am newbie when it comes to Lolita fashion, so when an acquaintance suggested that there was lolita clothing to be found at a shop in Parker Place mall in Richmond, I took myself there last week.

When I got to a certain store, 99 Centigrade, I saw a beautiful BTSSB long sleeved cream velvet dress that I tried on and subsequently bought.  The lady at the store gave me a good deal--$250 CAD, or so I thought, because she said that the dress was new.  She told me that her shop sold no second hand items whatsoever.

However, when I got it home, I noticed not one but multiple stains all over the dress.  I hadn't noticed this in the store due to the yellow lighting and my eagerness at finding a brand name dress for what I considered was a good price (on the assumption that it was new).  Panicking a little, I took the dress straight to the dry cleaners and got them to wash the dress.  It came back much nicer, but still with some small stains on one cuff, one sleeve and on the very front a few inches above the start of the ruffled skirt.

Dissatisfied, I complained to my acquaintance of my foolhardiness and over-eagerness. She  pointed me to the link of a LJ EGL sales entry, and there I saw what looked like the very same dress in the very same store that I had purchased it at.  Annoyed, I phoned the store and told them that they had sold me a dress that they told me was new, but most evidently was not.

The end of the story is this:  I have (though it is normally not their store policy) been given a full refund for this dress, and remain a little more jaded and $35 poorer due to dry cleaning and steam ironing the ill fated dress.

I am telling all of you this story because I am not sure if this store is going to just turn around and sell the dress to another naive customer, which is fine, but if you ARE going to the store and they DO try to sell it to you, please be aware that the dress is most definitely NOT new.

Moderators, please let me know if this is an inappropriate post, in which case I will transfer it to my personal journal, thank you.
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