Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote in egl,
Miss Amani

Lolita panel @ New York Anime Festival, Dec. 2007

After a bit of hoping and praying and Tokyopop having the odds against me for a Lolita Panel at the New York Anime Festival this December, I'm happy to say that the Program coordinator (or whatever) reserved a spot for my Lolita panel! ^^ (See my past journal entries for more info about that)

Just to let you know right now, the New York Anime Festival will be at the Jacob Javitz Center, NY, NY. The Lolita Panel will be on Sunday, December 9th from 4 PM to 5 PM.
I'm hoping that either before or after the panel, there would be a private (keyword: private, as in no otakus or random people following us and sitting with us) lunch/dinner session. In the next few weeks I'll be looking into nearby restaurants that will be big enough, and will give us enough space for cheap. I will get back to you on that later.

If you know you are definitely going or are going to try their best to come (to the lunch/dinner), please comment so I can get an estimate of how many I should expect to come to the restaurant. ^^

But anyways, right now the challenge is finding enough people (mostly in NYC or the Tristate area) to be working at the panel with me.

So far, it will be me and Carla (ugly_kitties) as panelists, and I'm hoping for about 5 more Lolitas to work with us. We are going to go through the basic explanations; the 5 W's about Lolita fashion, Do's and Don'ts, misconceptions, How to wear lolita, conduct while in lolita, etc. etc. etc. (Don't really want to get into it at the moment xD) We'll be needing lolitas who know their stuff about the fashion like the back of their hand, with good presentation skills blahblahblah, and also have the ability to work with PowerPoint and the computer, keeping it on track with the speaker and whatnot, and handling the music player on the laptop they'll be providing us with. Of course you're not going to be stuck at the computer the whole hour (unless of course, you want to do that lol).
lol I hope that made some sort of sense.

ALSO. I need models.
We are going to have a mini fashion show near the end of the panel, and I'm hoping to get at least one model for each type of Lolita style. Gothic, Sweet, Classic, Punk, Sailor, Pirate, Hime, boystyle/Dandy/Ouji, EGA and one experimental style. 10-15 models tops, 2 models per the three main styles (We're hoping to have 1 model to be decked out in brand for each category; the other model in handmade clothing). It'd also be cute if we were able to have Loli-twins, etc. I will be breaking down outfits, what style it is, where the clothes came from, etc.

Please, I would like everyone to wear good-quality to high-quality clothing, some decked out in brand and others in their homemade dresses so we can show that homemade clothing is acceptable and welcomed in the lolita community.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, don't be afraid to post them here. If you are definitely interested in becoming one of the panelists or the models, please comment here and/or comment in my latest journal entry telling me what spot you want to fill. ^^

Thank you!

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