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FL Meet Up Clarification

Alright. So designwonder and I are still trying to get a concise number for the FL meet up.

If you are Central/South Florida, please check this out. Much clarification needed.

Like designwonder said in the previous posts ( 1 and 2 ), we want NEED people to come! We need more specifics about what dates will be good for you. If you want to come, then don't be afraid to speak up.

For people that haven't checked out those posts (and are too lazy to read them), we wanted to do a Florida weekend getaway. It will be at a Bed & Breakfast and will be a loli weekend.

We want this to work out the best way for everyone. So We're going to do this in steps.

For the love of GOD. If you want to come, tell us what will be best for you. These are all so far away that there is no excuse for you not to be able to come (okay, obviously there still are some reasons, but you get my point). The weekends we're looking at include:

Oct 26-28
Nov 2-4
Nov 9-11

If you know you have something going on then when you reply, just list the one(s) that work for you. Please list them in order of importance like:
"First Pick: Nov. 2-4
Second Pick: Oct. 26-28"
If you don't care then reply "Any weekend" or something along those lines.

So, we've had people with conflicting answers. What we want is a simple answer. Can you go or not? If you can't go to one, LET US KNOW. If it doesn't matter, LET US KNOW. But please don't say "Well, I think I can go if we pick _____". That doesn't help us at all. We have people from South Florida willing to drive a couple of hours to Mt. Dora if there are more votes there. You have to let us know what's good for you. What we're thinking about are two places:

1. Mt. Dora
There are a number of places that we're looking at as possibilites for our stay.
Christopher's Inn
The Lakeside Inn
The Magnolia Inn

In Mt. Dora, there are some things to do, but it's mainly shopping, old people, lakefront, old people, and more old people.

2. Sarasota

This is the Bed & Breakfast we're thinking about in Sarasota.

There is LOTS to do in Sarasota. There is the Ringling Museum, Pirate's Cove (mini golf and vieo games), Botanical Gardens, Mini Horse Ranch, and Gamble Mansion.
There are a million and a half things to do here.

Basically, the problem is people are complaining about how far it is/how expensive it is. designwonder and I are already carpooling, but maybe if we can get more poeple that offer to carpool, more people can go.

With your choice, tell us which one you choose (if you don't care say either), and if you can't go to one then tell us specifically.


Can you carpool? Any further suggestions? Any other information that I forgot to include? Put it here.

This concludes the set-up idea. Now please, when you comment FILL OUT THE STEPS. If you need it:


After we get comments, I'll update the page with who voted where.

P.S. Don't forget about the Orlando meet up on Sept. 2!
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