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LoliGothUK's september theme - Rainy Days

(With permission from carnet_atelier)

LoligothUK would like to present it's first monthly theme: Rainy Days

Strange but very apt, it seems the UK can easily pull off a theme like rainy days in the middle of summer. We are looking for people to post things in light of the current UK weather, rainy lolita. It's an excuse to run outside with an umbrella, try to lolify some welly boots, post artwork, photos which are new or old.

We are happy for all lolitas to take part, and would especially like lolitas in or visiting the UK to contribute. This theme will run until the end of September and hopefully we can return here with some great highlights to show you all. Thank you very much!

(loligothuk is the largest community for Gothic & Lolita fashion in the UK - we are going through a revamp at the moment, and would love fresh members with suggestions for fun community activities.)

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