fushugikb (fushugikb) wrote in egl,

update- shopping service spots are now closed

edit- tonight is the final day to sign up and pay for the shopping service!!!

edit- have added shopping service to egl_comm_sales. please see details over there.

thought might share since theres occassional talk of larger bags...


hello kitty laptop bag-
sorry for crappy photos. its hard to see the monarch crown but its there! the inside matches with crowns, hello kitty, and other ornate motifs in gold, purple, and black. it fits my hp laptop.

am doubtful, but if there happens to be any interest i could offer a really small shopping service (posted in sales community of course). am going back due to remorse over the new vivitix hello kitty devils and angels line... *over*

store display (yes thats pink lace on the angel version)
stationary & sticker
embroidered pouch with studs, drawstring bag, & charm
just sharing...

la reine rose doll-
some fans of poose dolls, bunka ningyou, ayumi uyama, and rococo might like/know this. its a japanese takara doll (before they merged with tomy). guess they didn't do well in japan so they shipped em to the States.

(thankies in advance!)

-i've read that putumayo's website is not very accurate. especially in reflection to their stores. if a line (design illustration) is no longer featured on the website, is it gone for good or are there chances of it still being available at the (physical) stores?

-is btssb's sale page only til the end of this month? or do think will be ongoing?

-more of a general j-brand store questions. since i've never been to any of the stores in japan and not sure if anyone writes shopping reports, are the sales at the stores more often than one would think? or are they very few throughout the year? often only read here about the sales like at a few times of the year (winter, summer, and new year's). living in the States it seems so common to walk into a store and theres a sale, so am kinda having hard time grasping how it is in japan...
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