:D (pipebomb_here) wrote in egl,

A little style help please?

Hello all I have this big loli thing coming up and I found the dress I want to wear for it, but having trouble on picking things it should go with..

dress =

at the moment I have decided on a sailor hat and white parasol..

I was thinking of having my hair in braids. Anyway.. what I wanteds to ask was..

I don't wear socks, I don't like them much and I can never find ones to fit me.

I'm asking whats better? black tights with white shoes, white tights with black shoes or stripy black and white tights [It's cosplay-y but it can look really nice with sailor from what I've seen.

And now next question.. what shoes. I've been looking around and I was thinking either the typical rocking horse shoes [which I think does go a tad better then the others, but I'm asking for advice] ones like these - or like these...

I personaly think black tights and white shoes.. either rocking horse or the platforms.. and if anyone has a good idea of what sort of bag would go nice with this outfit.

No mean comments, just help and postive crit please! thanks!

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