chiichick (chiichick) wrote in egl,

A fun halloween idea!

I came across something today that I thought would make for a fun outfit for a lolita on halloween!

I get very stressed out working on my computer all day so what's one of the things I do at night to destress?  I play Neopets!   You're never too old for Neopets!  Well tonight on Neopets there was an ad for a newly revamped game and the main character of the game happened to be wearing an outfit with a nice lolita potentional to it.

Sorry that these were the only pictures I could find!

Anyway my point wasn't that I thought it was great everyday lolita or anything of that matter, I just thought that it would make a cute halloween outfit for a lolita to recreate that dress with some bunny accents!  It took my mind to thoughts of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland for some reason.
But I personally don't like to wear normal lolita on Halloween so I like to find ways to make costumes that still resemble the fashion and that's why I thought this was cute! (plus I'm a huge fan of the pink and blue cotton candy color mix)

So that's my post!  I don't mean this 100% seriously I just thought it was a cute idea!  Who knows I might actually make it for halloween and post it on here!

Please don't be too brutal if you happen to think this is absolutely hideous and silly.

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