roxiefaye (roxiefaye) wrote in egl,

Trying out my ITS petticoat

I got home from work late, and immediately started putting on my loli clothes because my ITS petticoat came today! I bought the poof petticoat, the fuller of the two. But now I think it's TOO full, and I should have gotten the princess petticoat. Honest opinions, please. (Because if it DOES look that bad, I *will* buy the other one. I WANT to look loli!) Thank you!

Um, and if you want to critique anything else in my outfit, please feel free! I feel like every time I wear lolita, I somehow don't look at ALL like a lolita. Any tips to figure out what I'm missing would be great. X_x;

Also, please excuse my shiny face - it's quite late at night and my make-up has worn off!

Pictures: one and two

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