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help! colors!

I've never tried a lolita outfit before, and I like all sorts of fashion, so I thought that I would try making a one. I researched a bunch and the fact that I didn't find many qi-lolita outfits inspired me to make one. I'm working on developing a portfolio for theatre costume design and so this outfit is a perfect example of research on fashions and then on creating an outfit from a drawing.

Anyway, I have decided to post this design because I want some opinions. I am having some problems deciding on a color scheme, and I would like to have some general opinion about the overall loli-ness of my design. I want to make sure that I am as accurate as possible, and you guys know much more about it than I do. :) Thanks in advance.

So I am sort of leaning towards the green, but I've seen that green isn't all that common for lolita. I have noticed a recent trend towards mint, but the particular green fabric that I'm looking at right now is more of a yellow. I also would like some opinions about the hair. I have already styled my wig in this style (It's supposed to look like a more Chinese version of pigtails, if that makes sense), but I'm wondering about the accessories. I don't think that I would be able to make a really good headpiece, and I don't want to wear something that looks poorly made. However, since I want to pull in the brocade fabric into the accessories, I would like to have any hair stuff match, and I won't find a pre-made headpiece that matches.

Am I repeating myself here? I guess my question is: Does the outfit look loli enough without the lacey frilly head? and if no, Are there any specific rules I need to follow for making one? I would only have to make a rectangle out of fabric and trim the edges with lace, and attach ribbon to tie, right?

Thank you for all advice and opinions! I don't want to be a "HAR this is loli b/c it has lace" n00b, and I don't want to offend any lolitas with my clothing. Please help me not do that. :)

EDIT: a request for fabric swatches:
blue with pink: (I would match the socks to the flowers in person and to the pink which looks best)

blue with yellow:
(the kitties are adorable)

Green: (the green version obviously)


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