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California Science Center Meetup Reminder

Just a reminder to all of you who are attending the meetup on Sunday, please make sure that you have placed your name down with me along with your movie vote. So far I have only two names down. So if you are interested or know you will attend please contact me.

When: August 19th, 2007
Where: The California Science Center  {California Science Center: 700 State Drive Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: (323) SCIENCE / (323) 724-3623}
Activities- Meetup: 10:00-10:40 [In front of IMAX theater]

Brunch (at rose garden): 10: 40-Noonish (It will be a picnic style setup and you are welcome to bring your own food or purchase from one of the fast food chains around the Center. It will also include picture taking! )

Touring of Center/IMAX movie: There are three movies currently available at the Center: Wired to Win [a biking movie], Deep Sea 3D, and Dinosaurs 3D. We are going to take a vote of the Lolis who are attending which movie we will see.

: Admission [FREE!], Imax [8.00], Food+souvenirs[depends on how much you want to spend]

TOTAL: $8.00

*Dresscode* : Any type of Lolita is allowed as long as it's not COSPLAY >: (

**If you are KNOW that you will be attending please leave your name, some form of contact (aim, msn, phone number), and your vote for the IMAX movie. I hope to see you there ^___^**

BTW: If you are planning on driving there, please note that there is a charge for parking which is $6.00

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