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REMINDER: New Hampshire lolita meetup tomorrow

Just a little reminder about the NH meetup that's still gonna happen.

WHERE: in Portsmouth, we will meet by the fountain in Market Sq. and if you can't find it, just ask one of the locals.

WHEN: it will officially start at 2:45 pm, but it would be a good idea to show up five to ten minutes early to allow for others (who have trouble getting there) to gather. This meetup will also go on until 4:45-4:55 pm or 'till everyone has to leave.

WHAT WILL WE DO?: Meet everyone by the fountain and then we take it from there. First stop will be at Popover's cafe/bakery for some cake, then we'll go to either BullMoose music or J.D.'s clothing boutique for a while and then head to the mini-plaza by the Seacoast Repetoire Theatre for pictures and the like. It's pretty much a meetup for everyone to hang and be their frilly selves.

DRESS CODE: Come in whatever Lolita style you like so long as you are comfy. And please! by all means bring a stuffed friend or parasol if you have one.

THINGS TO BRING: Yourself, some money for cake and gifts, and a camera for pictures.

if you haven't RSVP'd me yet, feel free to here:

I hope to see some of you this Saturday!

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