kaorte (kaorte) wrote in egl,

Ann Arbor Film Festival and Picnic - TODAY!

We are meeting at the downtown borders (corner of maynard and liberty) at 5:45pm. We will then make our way to the Diag for a small picnic before the showing of Noriko's Dinner table @7pm.
Bring sandwiches, sweets and stuff :D. It doesn't have to be a lot, I don't expect 38579437 people to be there. :D I have two blankets, so if anyone else wants to bring one, that would be great.
Also, if you want to come early to hang out, just give me a call (734) 49 4152. I should be there around 5pm.

YAAY. You all better come. You better. Oh yeah, I posted this on EGL just cause I thought more people would see it that way XD. Lol


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