Conquerer of Food, Destroyer of Worlds (iamchubbybunny) wrote in egl,
Conquerer of Food, Destroyer of Worlds

BTSSB bunny and angel wing ring (try saying that 3 times fast)

I just recently went out to the BTSSB store in Amemura (in Osaka) and snapped up my bunny ring!! Just thought I'd show it off a little, as I am totally ecstatic about it!!! (ignore my ugly crinkly hands.. yuk!)

Something I didn't notice before buying is that this ring is part of the Nana Kitade btssb line! if you look on the bunny ear you can see "nana" scrawled in it.

(if you click the picture you can see a slightly bigger version of it)

It's really nice, and made of a heavy metal. The rings are adjustable too! There's a clear rhinestone in the middle of the bunnys bow and on the right side of the angel wings =D

I'm a very happy girrrrrrrrrrl....!

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