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translation of a newspaper article

I was interviewed from a woman from the daily newspaper  "Die Presse" (www.diepresse.com) about gothic lolita and the gothic lolita exhibition. I wanted to share it with you and try to translate the article. it's a short one, but I think it's a good article! Excuse my bad English skills... :( on the picture you can see our cute gosplmary)

They also wrote a LONGER online article with a lot of pictures and more information, I want to translate it later when I have more time.

The aesthetics of cuteness
Fashion. Why do you become a gothic lolita? A conversation for the exhibition

A cloud of lace, bows, crinolines and knee-high socks: If gothic lolitas meet each other, it looks like a wild flashmob where dolls which sit in the grandmotherly living room get togeher.
At least you hear this from Japan, in this country such sights are very rare. insofar as beautiful that the boutique gegenalltag-including a big lolita meet up at the 8th september- devotes an exhibition to this topic. From wednesday you can see labels which are just known from the adepts from online forums: Magnifique Lolita (D), Harajuku Maiden (D), P-i-n-k-y (CH), Ane x Imoto (AT).
There are alltogether approximately 40 "lolitas" in Austria. Lolitas is the correct name for this sweet fashion style. "Gothic is just a category for black lolita clothing" says Daniela Wilding (this is me), "I think, this term acclimates because the word lolita is known here in a negative way". of course in a erotic way, thanks to Nabokov. But this is a misunderstanding, says the student of German studies . "The clothing is very high-necked". Actually this fashion is about aestethics. The fashion style arose from the Japanese visual kei style (where it's important to attract attention with yout look), but lolita isn't related to it anymore. "We're different people and we're just linked through the fact that we like this doll-like, inapproachable, beautiful style". beautiful AND wearable.
At the university and to go while shopping
Wilding who also co-organize this exhibition in the Museumsquartier not only wears this style just at meet-ups but also sometimes at the university or while shopping. "The reactions are often positive, especially older people like it".


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