The Anti-Social Socialite (emiko) wrote in egl,
The Anti-Social Socialite

New Header Art~

[EDITED on May 28, 2009]

Hello! If you are interested in submitting artwork to be used in the layouts of egl and egl_comm_sales, please read on!

All members are free to submit their own artwork of our mascot, Sophie, to be featured in the header image on a monthly rotation. The only requirements are that she is to have honey-brown hair and brown eyes- everything else is up to you to choose ^__^ There is no deadline, so feel free to email me at any time at emiko42 *AT* with your artwork, LJ User name, and a website link (it's ok if you don't have one, just let me know where to give you credit!)~

I would prefer artwork to be on a white background or no backgroun, if you wish to send a .psd file that would be great! There is no size requirement, but your submission should be at least 250px tall, please.

Feel free to send in any 'style', anime, realistic, 3D, collage, etc... Just make sure it's on a white background. You can dress dear Sophie in any style or theme- sweet, gothic, sailor, kodona, etc. I'd definitely love to see any themed outfits, for Fall or Winter, or something with a 'shopping' theme to be showcased on egl_comm_sales... We will appreciate any artwork to keep egl looking fresh <3

Thank you!

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