prince_du_ciel (prince_du_ciel) wrote in egl,

zomg YAY!

I have mermaids!

and they FIT. Only problem is they fit like a normal skirt as the elastic has expanded the ruffles ALOT to fit over my rather *ahem* wide hips. Also to make it not mini skirt I have to wear it fairly low.
I don't really mind as it still looks good and this print is Lovely. Thank you again M for your spending than selling habits. You give so much back to the community this way. *cough*
Anyways I am gleeful to have something I could wear to work on saturdays and out for dinner with my Mom without totaly making her want to disapear. XD;; I try to be nice to her, she's an awsome Mom just not as outgoing as I am.

Anyways enough babbling and to the question! Can you ladies think of ways to co-ordinate this to make it more obviously lolita? Classic mind you. I try to steer away from sweet stuff.

Even my hair is still pinned back from going to the club on sunday. XD
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