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Japan Ai - Lolita

Hey, ya'll! A few months ago I posted here asking some advice and letting you guys know that I'd be having a book coming out later this year. Some of you asked to keep updated of the books progress, well now I feel like I can really update you with something substantial! :)

My book, Japan Ai: A tall girl's adventures in Japan, is coming out this December from Go! Comi ( )

Part of the book is about shopping in gothic and lolita stores in Japan (including maps ). :) The book is in the editing phase now, meaning that the artwork is all done for it. So I'm pretty excited.
The rest of the book is about things like Super Dollfie, Takarazuka, going to onsens, buying lots of stuff, seeing temples... and just general "being a bit too tall for japan" hijinks.

This is one of the images that was made into postcards to hand out at Anime Expo and Comic-Con this year.

I hope you enjoy the book when it comes out! I post about it as often as I have news in my livejournal if you want to add or watch it. When I have lolita-specific news, I'll post here to EGL. :)
Thanks for the support!

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