Victoria Suzanne (palantiriell) wrote in egl,
Victoria Suzanne

Help please!

This is the saga.

On June 16th I put in a BABY order for about $550 worth of items. However they had such a mess getting back to me [five weeks without contact, as I waited with baited breath] that five weeks later I was out of town without Internet access. When I returned two weeks after that, they say that my order had been automatically canceled. Which by then, the clothes I wanted were out of season anyway (summer clothes). Fast forward to this August, today. I ordered a parasol, tote bag and fukuburo from them. They say they cannot accept my business because of the previous cancellation. Which they issued. And honestly, I desperately want this fukuburo ;-; any suggestions? should I explain this to them? I am quite fed up.


They have no trouble reaching me because I've received three consecutive emails from them. Their answer:

This is our policy. Please order next month.
Sux 2 B U!!1!!!!one!

moral: don't piss off BABY. they have extreme loli powers.

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