saraclaudia (saraclaudia) wrote in egl,

Shakespeare outfit ideas help please ^-^

My boyfriend's Mum is having a really big Shakespeare themed birthday party for her 60th.

So I have to dress up, and any excuse to be in bloomers and petticoat with a new dress is good, but I'm a bit stumped.

Shakespeare characters are just characters and don't really have a style (eg. 10 Things I Hate About You which was just American High School types). But just wearing lolita and calling myself *insert character name* seems a bit, well, not thought out.

It is also an excuse to get my boyfriend to wear something other than jeans and tshirt and I'd love to have him in an outfit that matches mine, he has long blone ringlets so something Aristo maybe? He's going to play some piano pieces so a tail coat? Bit obvious though.

I'm quite large so won't fit into most brand clothes, I can (to an extent) sew simple clothes and customise plain clothes.

I have a few months to get it together...

All ideas welcome ^-^

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