Jeanine (j9isawesome) wrote in egl,

Yet Another Bay Area meetup?

I just found out I'll have next Saturday (the 18th) off. I realize it's short notice and I know there's already a lolita get together this Weds in San Jose but I was wondering if anyone is up for a last minute gathering in San Jose on Saturday?

We could start off with tea & snacks at Lisa's Tea Treasures in Santana Row. Then go across the street to the Winchester Mystery House to go on the free garden tour and take pictures. Afterwards we could catch a movie, go shopping in Santana Row or do something else fun in the area. I'll have to call the teahouse to see what times they'll have reservations for but I was thinking starting around 1ish would be best.

$- *Tea & food = $21.50 (plus tax & tip)
*Winchester Mystery House = free

So, who wants to come? Questions, comments, suggestions?

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