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Last night I ordered something from BTSSB using their shopping cart system instead of their email system and I thought I'd let you guys know how to do that.

Note: My translations will not be 100%. I've basically made the choices as literal as possible so you understand what to do, in some cases it's not even a translation at all. So please ignore any blatant errors, it's on purpose. (Unless of course I've done something idiotic *coughprefectureselectioncough* ^^;)

Newer note: Baby has added English to a bunch of parts (quantity for example), so some of the steps are a little redundant.

1. Add your item to the shopping cart.

When you see this box, the numbers are the quantity and the box beside it is how you add the item to your cart.

Sometimes items like shoes will have sizing options before the number. Make sure to put in the correct size before you add the item to your cart!
If you see something like "S・LLサイズは全店SOLD OUT致しました", this means certain sizes are sold out. In this case the S and LL sizes are gone. Generally the sold out sizes will not appear on the popup sizing box anyhow.

Sometimes you will see this box pop up instead of the shopping cart. This basically means that the item has sold out from the webstore. However you can still email baby about the item and chances are they may still have one at one of their retail stores.
The two buttons at the bottom are basically "back" and "home". Back will take you to the page you were just at and home will take you back to the main shopping page.

2. Make your account & Place your order
If the pink box of doom doesn't show up, you will be brought to the shopping cart page instead.

These buttons at the top are only important if you are continuing to shop and don't want to use the back button/side links.
They are basically "Back to the previous item", "Clear the cart", and "Update Cart". Under the update button it tells you to press this if the items/quantities are not showing up correctly.

This is an example of an item. The x on the left will remove the item from the list (if the quantity is more than 1, all of them will be removed). Then there is the item number, item name, cost, quantity and final cost (which will be different if the quantity is more than 1).

This is the new instructions baby added for overseas orders. I don't think they've completed all their instructions as it's still difficult, so I will help you ^^

This is where you decide to create a new ID or use your existing one. The first option will have you create a new ID (which you most likely will need to do), the second is to use your existing one. If you already have one, choose the second option and input your email and password.

Click this button underneath to continue.

3. Create Account Information
So now there should be a new screen with two separate areas with various inputs.

This is over top the first area. It basically says "Customer Information Input Screen". Here we're going to put in your account information. The extra information underneath is just instructions, don't worry about those for now.

This first box is where you put in your name. Put your full name (first and last) here. If you have your mail delivered to someone else (like your parents) don't put their name here, it will go elsewhere.

This box says "furigana". I believe those with Japanese names (in Kanji) are to put their names in hiragana here so the staff can read it properly. If your name isn't Japanese, just put your name in english here again (copy the first box).

This is pretty self explanatory, put in your email. I recommend using something like gmail as other addresses (yahoo, hotmail, etc) often have filtering trouble. The warning underneath says to make sure you have not made a mistake.

This is for your Zip Code. If you live somewhere that doesn't split up the zip code (like the usa) leave it blank, this space is not necessary.
Apparently sometimes this will not work, so if you find the error box is popping up, just delete this information and add your zip/postal code to the address space instead.

This one is asking what prefecture you live in. Unless you live in Japan you should put "その他" (Other).

This is your home address. It's best to put your mailing address here, even if it's a P.O. Box. Make sure to add your city, province/state and country here as well (just double space each thing).

This is for your telephone number. It's not possible to put your country code in so just put in your area code and phone number.

This is for your FAX number. It is not necessary so you can leave it blank if you wish.

The instructions are clear here, click the box that says "Please tick this box if you are ordering from overseas."

4. Create Shipping Information

This area is for where your items will be shipped, ignore the extra information for now.

If you click the box here it will take all the information you put in previously and paste it into this section. This is ideal if your shipping information is identical to your customer information. If you need to make changes, everything is identical to above up to the phone number input (電話番号).
If you have a zip code that does not fit in the box, make sure to put it in the address box, it's important!!

This is asking if you want your mailing information to be saved for next time (will be saved under your account. The first option is no, second is yes (no ends in 'ない').

This is a delivery time option which will make no difference to overseas orders. I had some trouble with this option on default, so put the second option (which is "throughout the morning", "午前中").

This is just a comments box, it's best to leave it blank.

This part is kind of confusing (and I totally forgot about it). You should actually check the box and input your password. This will then be the password for your account.

If you get a box popping up instead of being taken to the next page, recheck all the information and make sure you didn't miss anything. If it's still not working, close the page and try again.

Click the box on the right to confirm. The box on the left will take you to the previous page. Don't click the right box twice, this may end up submitting your information more than once by mistake if you do that.

I believe it will then take you to another page where you can confirm your order, make sure you are sure before hitting confirm again (your account was created before this, so cancelling will not stop that process).

If you made an order, Baby will then send you an email which is identical to the one you receive when emailing your order in. You will then correspond via email from here as before.


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