Oni Nyte (oniwitch) wrote in egl,
Oni Nyte

I made a Musical Note OP...

I finished this on August 1st for my cousin's birthday party at the beach. 

The fabric I bought from a seller here , Lolitarosesales. I've had it for mooonths on end and I had trouble figuring out how to use such a...troublesome fabric. The musical notes were horizontal instead of vertical...I had the impression I wouldn't have enough fabric. How wrong I was.

The pattern is my own. (If you need help finding a reference look in sew_loli's memories)

As soon as I got this simple design out and made the dress in 6.5 hours time. I had a little over 2.75 yards left. >___<;;

I used my leftover raschel lace for trim...some of which I dyed with tea and coffee...polyester actually takes to some dye. Very faint though. 

I was inspired by Victorian Maiden's new RESERVE tartan dress designs. 

Which are unfortunately sold out..I would give just about anything to own one!

I made some mistakes with the dress since I was in such a rush to make it. I made a mistake on the under-dress. It ended up being an underskirt instead. I must wear my thin muslim blouse underneath. I also neglected to buy a szipper and thus, I need help to get into the dress with the lace-up back. The sleeves feel too short. 

But I am most impressed by the fabric's ability to keep some volume due to the printed surface. I only need a light petticoat under this. :]


 FRONT DETAIL. Removable grosgrain bow.

 FRONT WAIST DETAIL. Removable grosgrain bows.

 SLEEVES. I should have added corresponding lace.


 BACK. With underskirt attached.

 BACK. Eye tape is easier to apply than grommets. 

 UNDERSKIRT = Froofiness.


My favourite so far:

Jewelry: Pearl strand necklace to be made today. (I'm still waiting for my VW orb necklace with 3 pearl strands) + Self-made pearl earrings. 

Hat: Bought from The Bay with customized removable black satin bow w/ pearls.

Parasol: META.

Socks: Non-brand.

Cuffs w/ satin bow and pearls + sock-toppers of the same make, self-made.

Shoes: (Not pictured) Ling_lam black RH shoes with ribbon ties. 

Second coordination:

Claire earrings -gold pears with pearls. Cream knee-socks. Floofy lacey bow head thingy. Lolita_lola RH shoes. 


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