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Epic NYC Meetup - Sunday

Ugh ;___;. My friends & I were the really late lolitas D:. We came w/ Ai around 3-ish or so because of traffic & getting lost D:.

LOL, and soon after we were also part of the peeps who were doing the hand games and dancing in Chelsea market XD.

And soon after that, we had to leave after walking all the way to the subway stop, which sucked & I regret ;-;.

But despite that, I managed to take a few pics ^^. And my other 2 friends in the photos have more (trust me XD with everyone else too...I only got my group since I was fooling around at Chelsea too much xDD)

My friend (Mimi) who was a simple Classic Loli & I (mixture of more Sweet & slighty hime ^^)
Cupcake shot!! Me again, w/ my hime loli dressed friend x33, Mel.

Ughh, stupid AZN eyes of mine looking all so squinty from the sun LOL.

Clothing List rundown:
Mimi(classic loli)- Clothes all brought from H&M
Mel (red hime loli)- blouse from Macy's
Crown from Claire's
Red top & skirt = homemade by herself
petticoat (not seen) = bought
socks she had
shoes she had
Me (pink/sweet loli) - crown from Ai/idk where it was bought
Dress from Nikki/idk where it was bought, but I saw it in a Japanese magazine so either that site or ebay possibly XD.
Petticoat is homemade (but not seen in these pics XD)
Bloomers is homemade ( but again not seen XD)
just normal white stockings
black ribbon shoes idk where it is bought o_o but friend's XD

So that's all for now ^^. Hope you guys like them :D.

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