prince_du_ciel (prince_du_ciel) wrote in egl,

Dance and dance and ow why did I wear heels?

So one of my good long time friends managed to score a spot as DJ for an industrial/EBM night. So now I have to weekly try to work lolita wear into stomping, drinking and slowly killing my hearing. This was my attempt this week!

So this wasn't my first choice for a shirt but the other isn't done yet. and I'm glad I Didn't get it done. I havn't been out dancing for two years and forgot the lioghter your clothing and the less you wear the Better. I think I'm going to have to slowly merge my way into either ega or ero-lolita. Just to be more comfortable.

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Tada~ strawberries go with goth right?
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Well I think they do.
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Finally got to wear this! Though it kept falling off as I could find no bobbypins. Yay brand whoring for my head!

and I am tired so I go to bed now~
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All of these taken at 1:30 am after three hours of dancing and an hour and a half of going home. @_@

p.s. Any helpful idea's on how to go about club-aphying lolita without turning it into ero-loli I'd be Thrilled to hear. Layers were Definetely a bad idea. I ended up peeling off my peti-coat. *cough*

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