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Oh Eh Oh, tea with the md lolitas

We had a farewell tea party for two of our college-bound lolitas. kisei_prophet's staying in Maryland, but it'll still be quite a drive, while kimikojrockbabe's leaving the continent to sunny Hawaii. Ahhhhhh, I miss them already.

Even though Tea on the Tiber is one of my favorite teahouses, I've never actually had full afternoon tea there until yesterday.

Look at that little pastry spoon. So cute and yummy. Artichoke and spinach I think. Not everyone's a fan though. :D

I didn't read a page of the menu and didn't realize today's special was pomegranate ice tea. David and I braved the hot teas despite the 99 degrees weather. But delicious nonetheless.

I never cared for those bunny bears until I saw Sophie in person. ::squee::

They both match their bunny bags. Too cute.

Alesia gave me the cutest surprise – a handmade pearl and pink bow cellphone charm even though my birthday tea party never came to fruition due to lack of planning. She's so thoughtful and sweet. I ought to have an half birthday party to treat her to something nice in return. ^_^;

Break it down now: (I swear these girls get cuter every time I see them.)

Cutsew: Nana Kitade
Skirt: Meta
Socks: Baby
Bow: Baby

OP: Meta
Shoes: Linglam
Bow: Handmade
Parasol: Baby

OP+bow: Fan+Friend
Parasol: Meta
Shoes: Off brand

Halter: AP
Skirt: AP
Socks: AP
Bow: AP (part of the skirt)
Shoes: American Eagle
Ring: Rakuen Fashion
Purse: Meta

Thanks to the great advice I got over at daily_lolita, I added the two red polka dot bows to the front of the skirt to tie it into the top better, and decided to try out the sling-backs with socks. BTW, I have a theory why lolitas pose pigeon toed. It's to show off the side of their socks. :P Mine have cake and candy on them and a little pink and white polka dot ribbon on top of the cupcake.

Then we went by our favorite antique shop in town. I bought a tea cup and saucer set and Becky got a home decorating magazine.

This was labeled "the fainting chair". XD Laura tested it out by fainting into it, but the picture didn't work too well.

Curtains? No, it's a vintage prom dress. :-O

Bunnies would like to stay forever.

Spider loli, spider loli, does whatever a spider loli does.


You can see my ring better in this picture.

I was sweating bullets at this point, and I can't even imagine how hot everyone else who's not wearing a tanktop felt. XD So we gave up and went home.

I forgot my umbrella that I based the whole outfit off of too. Lol, of course it starts sprinkling right after we leave the tea house.

What I don't understand is why the top is still so loose on me. This is the second AP cutsew that's like 2-3 inches too loose around the waist. It has corsetting on the back, but it doesn't reach my waist somehow. Maybe my torso is just an inch longer than the average Japanese girl?

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