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Announcement: 6th lolita meet-up in Vienna

On the 8th september 2007 will be our next lolita meet-up in Vienna. We visit the gothic lolita exhibition at the Boutique Gegenalltag (www.gegenalltag.at). The exhibition starts at the 15th August and ends on the 9th September.



Where: Museumsquartier next to the Volkstheater

When: 1 pm

You can use the public transports like the U2 and U4 or the tramway


Dress Code:
The Dress Code is an important part of our meet-ups. All lolita styles are allowed (like gothic lolita, sweet lolta, classic lolita etc.). Aristocrat, kodona (ouji) and dandy is also welcome. Not allowed is gothic, punk, visual kei and cosplay.

If you want to bring another person with you, he/she has also to follow the rules.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


We will visit the Gothic Lolita exhibition at Gegenalltag. It will be possible to buy lolita fashion from some indie labels:






Later we will visit a museum (like the Leopoldmuseum) and go to a restaurant in the end.


The meet-up will take place in every weather! Don’t forget your umbrellas in case of rain.




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