Sarha Clembys (sarhaclembys) wrote in egl,
Sarha Clembys

UPDATE!!!! August 18th NE Ohio Tea Reminder

This is just a reminder to anyone who may have been interested in getting together for tea on Saturday August 18.  The location is Clementine's in Olmsted Falls (15 minutes west of Cleveland), say 2:00ish?  I may post-pone this if no one can make it because things are starting to get really busy for me.  I'll let you know if this happens and post details at that time.
Speedy replies would be appreciated so I can make reservations if need be.  Thanks!


UPDATE: It seems that this historical neighborhood will be having their Heritage Days event this weekend.  Clementine's may fill up.  Please let me know if you will definitely be showing up so I can try & make reservations.  I want to make sure we have seating and not have to wait in line (for who knows how long).  I think this will be a fun event nonetheless.

Additionally, if any of you are free after tea, my husband will be working at a winery nearby.  I realize wine may not be Loli, but I will probably drop in to see him.  You're welcome to come along.


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