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New loli store- Melbourne Australia

I didn't see anyone posting anything about this so I thought I'd pop this up. While on the tram to Nth Melbourne a few days ago I saw a storefront with a big poofy Gothic Lolita dress in the window and couldn't believe my eyes so I jumped off and had a look. It's on Elizabeth Street somewhere. (On the left hand side when leaving the city towards the Queen Vic Markets)

The store only opened up on Wednesday and I have forgotten what it's called. They have 20% off till the end of this week I think. I have a feeling its called Shibuyo or something. I was honestly pretty hung over from work so I don't remember.

I remember they stocked some crappy K-star stuff (or whatever its called_ again hungover -_-;) but they had some pretty nice other stuff in there as well that seemed to be well made. It was mostly Gothic Lolita stuff but they had 2 classical/country style dresses in there and the rest was all punky stuff. They had a bunch of those punky pants and skirts with weirdly attached leg bits. No idea what those are called. They also stock cute mini hats and FANTASTIC shoes with little crowns and pearls and lace and stuff. I remember it all being good quality and stuff but alcohol makes many things seem better than they are lol.

Does anyone feel like coming down and having a look with me so we can make a proper review/judgment to see what the stuff is like? Or has anyone else been into there and had a look?

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