Miss Megan Maude (missmeganmaude) wrote in egl,
Miss Megan Maude

Doctor Who Steampunk Lolita

I figured I'd post here and see what people thought about this idea since I know there are some lolitas here who are into Doctor Who. ^___^

For Dragon*Con, mastergode and I have decided to go as a steampunk/lolita/victoriana/whatever version of the 4th Doctor and RomanaII from Doctor Who. There's a couple of episodes in Season 17 where the Doctor and Romana are wearing matching outfits. For some reason she decides to copy him and have a scarf and an overcoat and white button-up shirt. However, where his outfit is brown and some other hideous colors, hers is pink and cream.

So I haven't come up with a design sketch for mastergode's outfit yet, but I have a couple for mine. Feedback would be great!

This is the best shot available of Romana's original outfit. Here we see her running towards trouble with the 4th Doctor, who looks rather silly in this picture.

This is the whole outfit:

This is how it would look without the scarf and jacket. I know I won't be able to wear them all day at the con because it will be too hot, and so I want to make sure my outfit looks good otherwise. Baby has these really cool keys that just came out that I would like to use as Tardis keys. I kind of drew it in the picture here. I'm trying to get mastergode on board with the matching BtSSB Tardis keys, but he's being stubborn about it. XD

The steam-punk elements were kind of hard to draw in with this low level of detail, and mastergode's outfit will probably be more obviously in that vein than mine anyway. So please excuse my crummy drawings if they don't quite convey the steampunk part as well as they should. ^^;;;

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