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From the shopping in Japan

I am so happy to have a few brand pieces in my wardrobe. Before my trip, I only had a Naoto coat. T_T'' which was too boiling even in winter unless it was sub zero degrees. XD

Anyway, so here are some bad-looking photos of me, in a few of the pieces I bought. A little more to come soon I suppose.

This was comfy

Socks, Shirt and Onepiece by IW
Bonnet by Triple*Fortune (anyone find a site with their stuff on it?)

Meta Shoe Clips!

It was like 11:30pm and urgh. sorry its not full length
Anyway - Dress, shirt, hairclips and socks (though you cant see them)
by Meta.
(yes my arms are sunburnt. it hurts like hell... so remember kids - NEVER
forget your parasol... like I did yesterday and now you can see what happened. my head is
also burnt TT_TT)

Hairbows!!! they look uneven...oh noes D:

Well i told you they were bad XD but I am happy with my purchases. and ....oh god,
that was my first time in Ama-rori with my Meta stuff. Does it make me look like a marshmallow? :S

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