Master Gode (mastergode) wrote in egl,
Master Gode

A day in Harajuku!

I spent today in Harajuku, and I just thought I'd post a few of my pictures! There aren't that many, but maybe they'll be worthwhile.

Here's me, and what I was wearing. I used the umbrella as a cane, and I thought it was at least mildly stylish. The pendant on my pocket watch chain is from Angelic Pretty. The glasses are antiques. Yes, that's a real ascot.

Ironically, the only real lolita that I actually met and talked to at Harajuku today was from LA. She was wearing a Meta dress, and people kept thinking that we were a couple, even though I'm 10 years older than her and look like I could be her father. Also, her mother was there, so don't get any ideas, people. =P

I got a freaking huge kick out of this. Anyone who's ever been to an anime con in the States should know why.

It was freaking contagious! Seriously, are free hugs the next big thing in Japan? I was definitely not passing up some free hugs. ^_^
(Yes, I got a hug from the guy, too. =P)

The only actually asian Loli that I got a picture of. The others were either running around and didn't stop for pictures, or were in a store where pictures weren't allowed. =\
She was very shy, and didn't seem to want to be in a picture, but didn't have the heart to say no. So, there you go.

Zomg! Gojirra Rori! Can anyone tell me if this is a man or a woman? I can't make up my mind whether it's a dude, or whether it's just a really ugly girl. S/he was very shy and feminine in person, so I dunno. Also, s/he had boobs, but they could easily have been fake. Soooooo, yeah. Japan is not necessarily full of pretty lolitas!

I got this bag from Putumayo for my girlfriend, missmeganmaude. She requested it. However, I think it looks so good with me that I may have to steal it! =D
I think I look like some kind of Victorian doctor. Hehe... Clearly, I should find all of the guro lolis and fix them up. ^_^

Hope you enjoyed!

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