My stats are not my personality. (shieldkitten) wrote in egl,
My stats are not my personality.

Hi! Does anyone know if this Mary Magdalene dress has detachable sleeves? My Japanese is very close to non-existent. There are pictures of the navy-coloured dress (which is the one I want) with sleeves further down the page, but I can't figure out if they're detachable or a different design.

Also, the reason I'm asking is because my friend is going to Nagoya and he owes me a huge favour (don't let your pharmacist friends dispense medication to you >.<), so I'm asking him to keep an eye out for the dress. Do you guys have stories (funny or not) of non-lolita/kadonas walking into a lolita store and being the one stared at? If it helps your mental image he's about the height of your average lamp post ^___^. Revenge is sweet.

Thanks heaps! (And hello!)

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