V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl,

Bahhh. I need help.

I bought this lovely jsk from Baby:

And it just so happens that the lace on it is not their usual off white, so I guess I'm a stupid dumb dumb head for not knowing that it's more of an antique white.

I only have two blouses that I could coordinate this with...they're both off-white baby blouses--one is long sleeve, the other is short sleeve. And no...going sleeveless is not an option.

The problem is that it's really noticeable that the two laces don't match.

I really don't want to buy a new blouse, so I was wondering what you all would think if I wore:
*The jsk with antique white lace
*A normal off-white blouse from Baby
*Antique white socks from Meta
*White Secret Shop Shoes
*White bow

My antique white meta socks seem to have been washed out, so they're actually lighter than the antique white lace on the baby dress, but they're still darker than off-white, and go well enough.

I'm not sure if I should just replace those with something white and have the only antique-white part of my outfit be the dress, or if I should try to figure out something completely different.

What would you all suggest?
My entire wardrobe is off-white, with the exception of one pair of antique white socks.

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