Miss Megan Maude (missmeganmaude) wrote in egl,
Miss Megan Maude

Lace Overlays Picture/Idea Request

I'm making an outfit for Dragon*Con that involves a new corset that I've ordered. The corset will be silver/gray fabric with a black lace overlay. The lace isn't a typical flowery one, but it has this loopy cross design. It's hard to explain, but it's very nice.

So, I was wondering, does anybody have any pictures of any lolita dresses that involve lace overlays? I know that Meta has done some things with lace dresses, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for what I can do. If it was just making a dress with a lace overlay, that would be easy enough to come up with a good idea. However, it's hard enough to make a corset look appropriate for lolita, let alone with lace. ^^;;

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