:D (pipebomb_here) wrote in egl,


Hello all! me and sayuri_eve decided to meet up for the first time and have a mini photoshoot at queens garden in Swindon, it's hard to find a really 'nice' place where we live to take photos... but these came out well : ) anyway, hope everyone enjoys!

and now for some stupid pics!

cliche peace signs, yeeep

We love the giant monkey : D haha

we had alot of fun and I hope everyone liked our pics ^^

the outfit she wore was..

Headbow – Metamorphose
Jumperskirt – Metamorphose
Blouse – off-brand
Socks – off-brand
Bag - Metamorphose

And mine..

Cutsew - Stockingshock
Skirt - fan + Friend
Tight- off brand
Necklace - Refuse to be usual
Shoes: Linglam
Bag: Meta
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