~ Kpop Fan ~ (sasword) wrote in egl,
~ Kpop Fan ~

Super Junior movie rori appearance.

I'm living out in South Korea right now and I went to see Super Junior's first movie yesterday. It's only for a few seconds, but there's a very frilly sweet lolita in one of the scenes. I'll try and get a cap when it comes out, but it struck me as another example of how utterly random loli appearances can be.

Since I've been out there I've also seen a shop called 'E-lolita' o.O

So I was wondering if anyone else has found references/appearances of gothic/lolitas anywhere else a bit odd/random?

The weirdest ones I've found were;

Manhattan Love Story.
Magiranger (I think?)
A few Chinese magazines (where the co-ordinates were....interesting.)
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