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And the Harajuku girls with the way they talk, they knock me out when I'm down there.

So, I'm currently studying at Sophia University in Tokyo, and I took a trip to Harajuku, today.

This trip involved many pictures!

If you want to see various things around Harajuku, along with my commentary and the things I bought, you should click the cut! Also, if you have any questions at all about the area or the stuff or whatever, feel free to ask. ^^

So, today I went to Harajuku, also known as the seat of worldwide Gothic Lolita power. Some of you may know all of this stuff already, but I thought I'd share it for those who don't. The pictures in the Bibles are really, really small, so I thought I'd show people a bit of a bigger view, as well as toss in a few random things. ^_^

Essentially, Harajuku is one main drag named Takeshita Dori. There are tertiary streets, but Takeshita is the main one. Laforet is also a main staple, which is almost like a giant department store, where each designer gets their own mini store and the customer walks between them.

I saw pretty much everything, and took pictures of as many as I could. Something that I didn't know was that almost every single store in Harajuku didn't allow you to take pictures. Not just from the inside, but also from the outside. I was almost physically stopped from taking a picture of Emily Temple Cute's store. However, I did the best I could.

I know that many of the pictures in the Gothic and Lolita Bible are taken outside of The Gap, and maybe that's why... None of the stores want to have pictures taken in front of them.

I left my hotel room at about 9:30 and returned home at around 4:30. Seven hours of walking around is enough to tire a man out! Especially considering that the weather in Japan is so hot and humid. It was actually really surprising to me that a movement involving many layers of clothing was started in a place where it's so incredibly muggy. I can't imagine that makeup stays on for very long, and it can't be very conducive to complicated hairstyles.

When I went to Harajuku, I'm not really quite sure what I expected to see. I thought that maybe there would be some kind of Lolita community. A place where all the Lolita cool kids would go to hang out. Instead, there was nothing of the sort, just a few scattered Loli's running around on their own, or in small groups of two or three. I've heard that the bridge is the place to go, but perhaps I was there at the wrong time.

The women who ran all of the main lolita stores were all very nice and accomodating, though maybe that was either because A) they were Japanese or B) I was dressed up. Really, how could I go to Harajuku not dressed up?

Man, let me tell you... I'm not a very big guy. I'm about 5'11", and I weigh something on the order of 180. I'd say that I have a medium build, though people seem to think that I'm thinner than I actually am. Or, at least, that's how I feel. I don't think that I saw a single item of clothing that would fit me, be it jacket, vest, pants, or shirt. Mostly because of the shoulders, though sometimes the waist.

After awhile, I just gave up on trying to find clothes for myself, and focused on accessories.

This is just a street scene in Harajuku. This is, of course, Takeshita Dori.

...I don't think that they're getting the right message across.

A street scene from Jonathan's restaurant. Laforet is on the left, and the Gap is ahead. I just thought you may want to see what random people were wearing. I'm always fascinated by those kinds of pictures.

A clearer shot of Laforet. It's freaking huge.

h.Naoto! Unfortunately, I was unable to find their mens' store. This is their location in Laforet.

Atelier on the left, Angelic Pretty dead ahead. Again, in Laforet.

Alice and the Pirates! Laforet.

The stairs down to Yellow House.

The signage for Closet Child. I went to each floor, and they were all pretty awesome. Couldn't find a damned thing that fit me, but it was still pretty awesome.

Just another random street scene in Tokyo. You can see Laforet in the background, and the sign at the top tells you that this is the Takeshita intersection.

It's a Putumayo location! Not the one that I bought stuff at... That was in Laforet.

This was just too good to pass up a picture of. I mean, come on.

Milk! The store!

Man, there are some freakin' weird things in Harajuku.

The name says it all. It was actually a pretty cool store, but I couldn't find anything that fit me.

This is a Putumayo pocketwatch that I got for missmeganmaude, so that we'll have matching pocket watches. ^_^

These are the two ties that I got. The one on the left is Putumayo, and the one on the right is B.P.N. (Black Peace Now, which makes no sense at all)

This is me modeling the BPN tie and the Putumayo bag.

We'll close with a shot of me in front of the famous Gap of Gothic and Lolita Bible fame, across from Laforet.
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