Pretty kitty (t3h_janitor_jim) wrote in egl,
Pretty kitty

Winter outerwear concept (art post)

It's 2:44 AM and I have a strange thing with ideas popping in my head at weird hours or when I'm tired. Winter will be coming up soon and I'll have to go through massive amounts of public transportation for college and I need to keep warm. So I whipped up a coat... design.

Yes, I know the bunny thing has been done but I actually like it. It'll be made with fleece and lined with fleece and batting (stuffing for blankets/quilts) for extra warmth. The buttons are there for decorations and the coat closes with a couple snaps and a zipper (because I'm not the type of person that wants to button a coat with shivering hands. Also, you can tighten or loosen it by tying a bow in the back. The coat comes with mittens with pom pom decorations. Bunny headphone covers are not included... I actually wanted it to be earmuffs but then I realize I can't listen to music, so I converted them into headphone covers.

I'm also opening a shop someday and I plan to sell this in any color and a choice with a hood or a collar. Yay for options!

Okay then, I'm going to bed. Good night!
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