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Mai review + some photos

My package from Mai came recently, and I'll just like to share a few pictures.

*Note: I tend to dress casually - I like mixing loli clothes with stuff like t-shirts and jeans, simply because after spending $100+ on a skirt, I want to wear it as much as possible.

I bought these items from Alice Fururun, and it was an extremely good deal. The JSK was only $75ish usd (and it was the Momoko JSK too!<3) and the skirt roughly the same. As usual, the quality is great - both items are fully lined and the fabric is awesome. The only problem is that IW's material is really stiff and the button is huge, so lots of fumbling there >_> on the plus side, it's so sturdy that it looks practically brand new. The BTSSB lace needed a bit of ironing though, it was rather disheveled looking.

Some coordinates:

redxwhite. I don't have a petticoat yet 'cause I recently moved. I have matching redxwhite BTSSB socks but I'm kinda lazy after doing laundry~~ Both the cardigan and hairband is nonbrand. I think the cardigan is a bit too loose though, what do you think? I accidently closed my eyes though >_> self-timers are messy business :x

blackxwhite. I made the beret flowerclip myself ^^ I actually wore this to Uni on Friday, and it's really comfortable. The blouse is really old, I got it from Burberry's about 5 years back (and still looks new!awesome!) and the beret is non-brand.

white x white. Cardigan is from Disney Kids....I really suggest you check it out! It has pearl buttons, and lovely ribbon rose emboridery along the sides. The knit material is really thick too, it's comparable to most brand items. I'm wearing kids' size 14, which is bust34". They have up to size 16 I think. The hairband is actually pearls, which I got really cheap back home in SG.

brownxkinari. The skirt is really long on me! o.O is it supposed to be that way? I'm 5'2.....usually loli skirt length fit me just fine. Anyway, the shirt is a normal HangTen t-shirt. I forgot to add the flowerclip though *slaps self*

redxkinari. The shirt is a bit too long on me though *sighs* but I love the colour....maybe I should try safety pinning it, does anyone know how?

and finally, for audy:

I find it *awesome* that my deg shirt matches IW's kinari perfectly, it's their shirt from the WtD tour 2004 btw.

Mai review
Her service was impeccable, and was extremely understanding. I had problems paying/addressing because I was moving to Australia for further studies and even though I kept changing addresses, she was willing to wait before shipping them out to me. Also, I recieved a wonderful Hello Kitty notebook from her, which I like very much<3 Despite my inconsistent emails (I didn't have internet during the move), she was extremely helpful.

However, it takes quite a while for her to respond, therefore if the item is on for less than 1 day, I'll suggest using a realtime bidding service like Crescent instead.
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