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Lolita + Club = ?

Just got a call from my boyfriend that I never see (not my choice, his) inviting me to go clubbing with several friends of ours. Hehe...yeah....

For one thing, I've never been to a club. Not the type, you see. I'm the type to sit at home alone on a Friday night whilst my friends go out and sew or read or watch tv or do laundry, etc, get the picture. Obviously, I have my reservations as to the whole situation. But club or no, I am still a lolita at heart, which, of course (dangerously!), got me thinking. What would a lolita wear to a club? Could it even be done? I keep getting images in my head of some kind of cyber-loli or punk-loli thing but how on earth would burando manage to exist in a club? Obviously, I'm not seriously intending on throwing on some Angelic Pretty or Metamorphose stuff and going...I'm just wondering how (and if) a loli would go about clubbing in a classy way that would still leave room for fun and frills together.

EDIT: I meant this all hypothetically, not...ummm not get my meaning....
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