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Boston Meetup~♪

Since I was going to be in Boston for four weeks, I figured that it mught be fun to meetup with the Boston lolitas while I was there. So I made a quick little post about it on boston_lolitato see if anyone wanted to get together and we made plans for this past monday to meet up at the Boston Muesum Of Science.

I was the first one to arrive, but Carrie ( suzu_hime ) arrived shortly afterwards. Shortly after that Katherine ( [info]chibiusagi) got there, and we began to make our way around the museum.

The Appolo Command Module was one of the first things we saw, and I knew that it was an amazing photo opportunity. Unfortunately for me, there were an estimated 10 billion children on it at all times.

Eventually we got it. 
That's suzu_hime on the left, chibiusagi in the middle, and me on the right!

The Module wasn't exactly comfortable, and nobody could reach the buttons...

After a bit of exploring we headed to the Butterfly Gardens:

Her hair looked fine even though she got caugt in the rain on the way to the museum.

A pretty orange butterfly...

These ones are nocturnal. NONE of them moved at all! They even had signs saying "I am alive" next to them.

This one was my favourite! Pretty.

These were not my favourite... HISSING COCKROACHES!

BUT- This child, was by far the most fascinating

Who ran around swatting at the butterflies screaming "I'm gonna kill 'em, I'm gonna kill 'em" His parents were mortified. Our reaction?


We liked taking pictures on the escalator. Dont get too excited, not a bloomer shot...

Star Wars loving Lolis would've loved this, I know I did

Moving on, we found a section about the body:

I'm better at riding a stationary bike than a skeleton- even with Rockinghorses on!


We also learned that we probably should never be surgeons... You had to pick up a marble with it and put it in a cup. It was the most frustrating thing ever. I only got it in once!

Then we found a playground about motion and...

...This spinny thing! People were staring at us... oops?

Apparently, Giant, colourful grasshoppers are fascinating...?

We also found this exibit on monkeys... and they told us to leave comments So we did!

Lolis love Monkeys x 10 (Except her-->) / I Hate Monkeys <3 Kathryn

Monkey's Are Not People! Ahhh! / I Iz Rori Monkii

Carrie just HAD to see the exibit on Dead Animals so we did.

Fun with a moose Taxidermy!

There was also a button in this area that said "Push, Hold and sniff" and it let out noxious fumes of old, dried up bear!

We then left and walked to the mall, which included running across the *Wet* street in platforms. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen (which was SO Loli of course : ) ) and met up with Carrie's boyfriend John. I have no pictures of CPK...

We went to H&M and a million "Iz dis RORI?" jokes were cracked
And of course we had to go to Claires...

Which contained everything a true lolita needs- a cake hat, a tiara, and hello kitty!

We also went to Abercrombie (for kicks!) and the only pictures I got were of John with a pink shirt and some models nipple.

Then they had to go home...


But I went shopping and bought the Gothich and Lolita book...
Which wasnt very Lolita I must say. A lady took my picture and chatted with me for a bit. And guy selling straightening irons for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, curled my hair- for free (yes that same guy). Another guy asked if I was getting married (he meant it in a negative way but I thought it was the nicest insult ever. So.. thanks!)

Thanks for looking!~

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