darkrose13 (darkrose13) wrote in egl,

Central Florida Meet Tomorrow!

Alright this the last reminder for the meet tomorrow!
Let me go over the details once more for everyone in case they have bad memory like me -_-;.

It's tomorrow at Lake Eola Park in Orlando. The meet will start at 1pm near the Asian stlye Pagoda. For those of you that have never been to Lake Eola here is a picture of where we'll meet up:
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I know that it's been thundering and raining a lot lately so if it is tomorrow we shall still meet under the Pagoda because it offers protection against the rain. If it's not raining we shall have a lovely picnic on the grass. If anyone has trouble getting to Lake Eola all I can suggest is to drive all down Orange Ave. until you see the park on your right (I'm not so great with directions -_-;).

Hope to see you all there tomorrow at 1!
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