• Lili • (puccalove_70) wrote in egl,
• Lili •

cute Jewelry

Hi ^^

Someone has probably already talked about this so cute shop ; but here is my turn .
Today I bought one of their so cute Marie Antoinette bracelets :

The pink is more ... well brighter , and very Marie-Antoinette-ish in fact ^^

I'll get my camera tomorrow and go to the shop to take more pictures . They have a lot of cute jewelry on the theme of Marie Antoinette , and Alice in Wonderland .

I thought that the sweet lolita over there would like it . I'll poste more tomorrow ^^

This shop , N2 , Les Nereides , has a website , but it's not up to date .

Their price is about 40 Euro .

What do you think about it ?
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