prolonged_sight (prolonged_sight) wrote in egl,

So with the intention of just finding some old boxes or antique type things to revive and make use to. [found a very nice hat box and a can full of awesome buttons!] I located this old flower printed box. When I looked inside I found PATTERNS!!! 


 I looked through them and presto! The nearly almost perfect patterns for lolita. They do need alot of altering, but I know I can make it happen

Even the blouse patterns look to be of great to use [for the sleaves]! I'm a noob at sewing and patterns, but man I have pretty nice beginner's luck o_o

I'm not sure if they sell these patterns anymore, all I know is its McCall's 6332

I think the sizes are too small for me because it says Size A (6, 8, 10) I bet I can modify the patterns to fit me. I'm not planning to use them just yet because I'm new with all this, but they can be good for my first lolita inspired-skirt.

If you have tips for me, I can sure use them!

I'm sorry if this is a waste of space... I'm just so excited o_o

This is just an idea of what I'm going to be doing, maybe I can modify the current pattens to make what I want, but I will use the suggestions given to me. I'll go browse for different patterns.

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