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Otakon 2007 - Lolita Meets

OTAKON 2007 - July 20-22, Baltimore, MD

(x-posted to umiyuko.)

Slytherin and Gryffindor lolita? I came across these ladies in the Artist's alley!

One of the only photos taken of me on my camera the whole con, me and Adorable!Lolita- sweetie, I never did catch your name! Are you on here? We Raved together, too!!

Me and the adorable mimimichi, Doing socky-Lolita at the Dollmeet. She spotted somebody! Who was it?

It was LISA(kiyoki23)!

Miss Millie, who was gorgeous, but I was too shy to talk to. ._., Carla, and me! I was not worthy of being around these ladies. ._.;

The rufflebutt patrol(LOL, Amanda) walking toward the Sheraton for the EPIC!Swap Meet. :D I believe it's Millie, Valerie, I'm not sure (sorry! @_@), Carla, and... Laura, is that you, there? Gah, I SUCK at names.

Adorable little BABY Lolita I found in the dealer's room! Are you on here, sweetie?

The gorgeous Morgan. ;_; She's so pretty... *isnotworthy*

Beautiful HimeLoli, Angela!!

Lunchbuddies!!! Me, Angela, and Amanda. But I'm not in Loli! HORRORS!! Pls forgive. ._. *hides* My hairclip is BABY, though!

Hooray Lolifeets!

Pair of our Lovely JFash Panelists!!

Our wonderful JFash Panelists, including our own Carla!

Loli I spotted perched in a little nook! X3

While in Lolita, I was attacked by tentacles. D: OH NOES!!!

Left-behind Lolita? O_O; These are Misa's RHS, I tried them on, now I want my own pair... ;A;


This was my first con to go in Lolita! I would've gone Lolita all weekend, but some things fell through, so some of my outfits didn't come in... :( I'm STILL waiting for my skirt... Oh well, it'll get here eventually, I guess... and my shoes shipped the day before I left. Oops. I'm still a very new Lolita, and slowly acquiring pieces for my my wardrobe... ^^ I'm hoping to sew my own skirt soon!

It was AWESOME!! I picked up a BABY, the Stars Shine Bright skirt (for 50% off, no less! that bad?) at Kinokuniya, and changed into it immediately on Friday, it was nice to have a new coordinate outfit! (it somehow managed to not get photographed. O_o) I also picked up some beautiful new black Meta socks at the swap! (hooray!!) Thank ALL of you for being so kind, patient, and gentle with me! I really don't deserve your kindness and patience. I promise I'll be a better Lolita! ♥ Can't wait to meet up with you guys again!

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