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Another post, if you please...

I stumbled upon an eBay auction of one of Rakuen Fashion's dresses.

I ended up getting it for around $88 USD including shipping (because I lurve floral) and gods, how deceptive the picture was...

 ...if you peer closely at this you will find too many cloth bows fading into the background of the floral fabric, and at least 14-16 cheap polyester satin bows that limp like they are already dead. There's even cloth bows on the fricking shoulders. :/

Don't get me wrong, but Rakuen Fashions is not totally horrid. (I own three dresses from them... which I've done some light reworking to slash off all the cheap polyester satin bows and replace with grosgrain ribbon...ect.) Some of their designs are actually pretty nice, if you break it down...but lately a lot of their stuff has been lagging in the design department.  Mostly its simply that they over-do some things in their design department...this dress is a PRIME example of fickle over-indulgences of bows. 

Rakuen Fashions could save a lot more time and money if they didn't put so many cloth and cheap satin ribbon on this dress. I knew it from the time I laid my eyes upon this JSK that I (being a lazy ass) could do some light re-working on its shell. 

An hour later of tinkering...

FRONT- I removed all those horrid cheap satin bows from inbetween the scallops. I ripped off all the cloth bows and remade two with the remnants of the cloth bows...also edged them with some fine bridal Venicien lace trim and made them removable so I could do some good ironing without the bows getting in my way.

I find that a lot of Lolita dresses and skirts tend to come in the mail squished and wrinkled and the bows (cloth ones) tend to take to wrinkling the most. The best solution I find is removing it and the part that olds the top and the bottom of the bow together. Ironing it out and then re-sewing it back...with a brooch pin behind it. So you can use it for other clothes and it won't get all ugly when you wash it. Or get in the way when your ironing. 

FRONT CLOSE-UP: The frong had this U-shaped empty gap...I found it unslightly so I got some ruffled polyester lace (to keep the consistency throughout the dress) and filled up the U-shaped area. Then added some nice Venicien lace with roses on the top for some texture and...well...keep with the rose theme. Then made a removable bow and stuck it there...

This is the removable waistbow that I reworked...no, it was not removable before. I added a brooch pin to make it so.

I couldn't change the lace...but it wasn't that bad. Its a very soft polyester (the ones you find on some lingere) with a bit of shine.

BACK: Couldn't change anything back here...but the reason this dress fits so well on me is because of the shirring. 

Hopefully, this inspires some of you to take the chance of reworking clothing to suit your own needs. Something might be fugly and overdone but you can always re-work it if you have the imagination and skillzzz. 

The results of Clarice's skirt tutorial:


I wanted to try out sweet-goth for some time so I made this a few weeks ago. My motto for sewing is to ONLY sew what I can't afford or can't find on the market...and no one had this sort of skirt around (expect Meta...and that baby blue-pink Candypop combo that made me think of soft-Rockabilly)...

The results were awesome despite a slightly botched half-elasticized waist. But that was my fault... But I must say, Clarice has a great tutorial going and its relatively easy to follow.

FRONT, the back is plain so I didn't bother taking a picture of it.


Detailing. I used white cluny and the rose and 'fleur de lis-esque' venicien lace I ordered here in a group order...I have like 30 yards of each... *___*;; The grosgrain ribbons are all removable too. 

Now accessorizing it!

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