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Review #2: Anna House Review

Anna House is an indie brand from Hong Kong. 

They are relatively easy to order from and are very quick at replying back promptly to orders and questions concerning one's orders. You have to order from their website: 


From there you click the link 'Catalogue' on the top of the website. If you can't read Chinese then you click on the link in the boxed area that says: 'About oversea mail-order, please read here' which explains how to place an order with them, sizing, what bespoke means, and their shipping system...ect. 

I ordered around almost $300 CDN of their stuff. 3 blouses and an OP. 

It took them around a week to make the stuff (if you order bespoked which basically means customized, which is what I did). They start as soon as you send them an eCheck through Paypal, at least in my case. By the time my eCheck cleared it had been finished and sent out the following evening. The shipping for me was a flat rate of $60 CDN and I got hit by customs with a $28 CDN fee. Either way, it was worth it...their pricing is awesome...shipping not so awesome, but it was fast. 7 days from Hong Kong to Canada. 

I'd give them an 'A' because not everything they described in their Catalogue was exact. However, service was prompt and accomodating, especially when I requested that they lower the pricing as low as possible. (Since I got hit by a $40 CDN custom fee on one of their older Anna House sets from a seller here. Which was perhaps the biggest mistake I ever made in my life because the quality was f-ing horrible compared to the new stuff...)

Blouses I puchased:

This is blouse 016-1082 ; for a mere$38 CDN...

They described the fabric of this blouse as cotton broadcloth. It was NOT broadcloth...it was more of a poly-cotton blend of poplin-like material with slight stretch. It was high-quality, it had a certain stiffness and thickness associated with canvas. It was not see-through which is a big relief and fit like a glove. Also, the fabric resisted wrinkling to a certain degree.The trims and lace was adorable and there was even a tie-back ribbon. The insides were neatly serged and done. 

My only complaint would be the design of the sleeves. They were simply too...long. They should really shorten the length of the sleeves but I easily solved the problem by physically shoving the lower part of the sleeve into where the elastic on the sleeves were located. I got beautiful short puffy sleeves...

These are the lace and trims used on the shirt up close. it was mostly eyelet and ribbon...

Here;s a close up on the bottom of the blouse with ruffling and ruffled eyelet lace. Beautiful isn't it? 

BACK: Excuse the wrinkling...I have neglected to iron it before its presentation.

This is blouse 016-1073 ; for a mere$38 CDN...

FRONT: Once again, this is NOT broadcloth. It was described on the website as 'antique white'...its actually a very very deep aged cream colour. I have the same comments and complaint about the sleeves as the previous shirt. The lace and trims used on this blouse however are cluny lace. High quality cluny lace...no scratchy polyester lace found here. 

As seen here, its a very nice cluny in cream white. The buttons are adorable roses too.

BACK: Its simple and fitted. 

This is blouse, 016-1076 : for a mere $38 CDN...

FRONT: This blouse is also NOT cotton broadcloth. Yes, its completely cotton but the fabric is more akin to really thin cotton muslim with a medium weave and seems to appear almost threadbare because of its thiness and super-see-throughness. While it does fit very well due to shirring in the back...but I would NOT recommend anyone purchasing this because its made of the sort of fabric that would probably rip if you threw it in the washer. Also, the design...while it does look really nice in pictures it sits a little funny on the body. Partially due to the huuuuge sleeves and the largeness of where the underarms are. Also, the detachable bow was very flimsy...

It has eyelet trim in all the right places though, but it doesn't save the blouse.

BACK: It has shirring...and I also neglected to mention a neck-tieback ribbon thingy. 

Close up of the shirring...

This is the One-peice I bought, its: 015-1078 for $78 CDN:

This is me wearing it. I find it a bit short but my friends say its the perfect length. Maybe its just because I find the hems of my bloomers showing a sign of...immodesty??? Haha. I'm 5'5.5" so, it hits be a couple inches above my knee. If your tall, I would suggest giving them a length measurement of the skirt part of the dress...so, don't forget to add it to the measurements if your a tall loli.

NOTE: To make an XL in size it would only cost you $6 USD... Thanks, Kakaiyu for the information.

FRONT: I had to tape the sides of the dress to the wall to show its flare. I'm verrrry happy with the dress...its the hue of Baby the Star Shine Bright's light green despite the Anna House website showing that its a baby-ish blue. The dress has a slight high-waist. It sits where my ribs end basically, so the tinest part of my natural waistline. It has all the goodness of a Lolita dress...high quality eyelet lace, pintucks, Venicien lace, ruffles, bows...ect.

This is the lace used in the front of the dress on the skirt part.

This is the detachable bow.

The sleeves.

This is the front bust area of the dress...

Where ever there is ruffling they always topstich it...which is awesome when it comes to ironing. Other indie brands like Rakuen don't even do this...

The bottom ruffling at the hem of the dress. They use a very nice eyelet lace with bowties woven on the eyelet lace.

The fabric with flash.

The fabric with no flash.

BACK: Invisible zipper, darts, and tie-back ribbon thingy.

Anyways, that's it...I hope that helps all of those who want or are going to order from Anna House with confidence. If there are any concerns or questions I can attempt to answer them to the best of my ability and experience with dealing with Anna House.  Just post them here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

P.S. Oh, they also email you back in pretty good english...so, communication with them isn't a problem. 


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