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Otakon! 1/2

Ok, so here's the first half of my Otakon post. I've got a lot of photos and lots of text. That's your warning!
Friday morning my camera started taking decent photos.
Here's Laura and Kara in the shuttle:

Here's my favorite photo of Carla that was on my camera.

The three before getting on the Lightrail. Carla's dress was very impressive, and made by Leah from ITS. ^_^

Here's Kara and Laura just as we arrived at the convention on Friday morning. Both are wearing outfits that they made themselves. Oh, and Kara is borrowing Carla's rocking horses. According to both of them, they hurt a lot to walk in. I'm glad I didn't wear a pair as well, I had enough foot pain for one convention.

I tried to save time that morning by putting on my makeup at the convention. Here's a quick photo I took of myself before running to put it on. ^_^' Also, maybe the next time I wear my Moite jsk I'll wear a different necklace with it. ^_^

An adorable Sailor Jupiter.

A lot of people gathered right before the teaparty on Friday. There's Morgan (darcia26) looking superb in a blouse and a cherry print skirt, Kara (yuki_dragon), aachannoichi, Carla (ugly_kitties), Martha (hyzenthlay2582) in the MA dress and Amanda (what's your username?) in another ITS dress.

Continued photo. Carla, Martha, Amanda, Laura (kisei_prophet), Valerie (valkyrie_chan), and Luigi (whom I'm guessing was someone's boyfriend?).

Martha, Angela (archfaith), Valerie and Laura.

Red lolita, Amanda, Martha, Angela and Valerie.

Lolita's ride of choice: The Taxi

So then, over 20 of us lolitas went to a Teavolve for tea, finger foods and kareoke. There were custom-printed menus just for our meetup- "Welcome Lolitas!" -and we first chose what tea we wanted. There was an abundance of choices, and most of them sounded especially delectable.  I remember that someone across from me got iced peppermint tea- which, by the way, is my absolute favorite iced tea for meetups since it's both easy and refreshing no matter what. I think both Martha and Jeremiah got the Victorian Garden tea, which sounded very nice. I got the Blue Lady, but sadly I couldn't taste it very well since I've been dealing with a cold. ^^'

Anyway though, I here's photos from the teaparty. It was so boss I nearly lost my socks!

Here's Erin's (arktoi) back.

And Oshi's (oshidori) back.

A terrible photo of Millie (username?), Carla, Laura, Amanda and the kareoke machine. We all had so much fun with it, and by the last course we had all of the girls packed close to the wall singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (or at least I think it was that song, I'm not 100% sure).

Angela and Kara.

Martha, Tyler (sakura_fairy) and Millie.

Valerie and Martha. I forgot to compliment Martha on her shoes, but I really liked the heel shape on them, since they created such a balanced look with her calves. ^_^ Btw, everyone, see how her shoes are white and not black? She did such a great job with that paint!

Carla and Laura.

Angela and Carla.

Jeremiah (jeremiahmagic) and Angela. By the way, has anyone noticed that guys tend to be so camera shy? Really now, you guys out there, we like your photos, too! ;p

Kara and Jeremiah.

Erin's back again.

Amanda, Millie, Laura and Mary's boyfriend.

Joe (sadistic_apollo), Erin and Oshi.

Millie and Martha. The wind was messing with poor Martha's hair.

So she went about to fixing it.

Tyler, Joe and Erin.

A red haired lolita (what's her name?), Joe, Erin and Millie.

Laura, Carla and Kara.

Amanda, red haired loli, Tyler and Millie.

Joe and Erin.

Ok, this post is getting way~ too long. So, I'm going to post the rest of my photos in another post.
Good night for now,
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