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Need outfit help!

Hello, well, first of all I have to say that I'm completely new to lolita, I have heard of it ofcourse and known it for a pretty long time, but I have never worn it before and I'm planning on purchasing a dress or a skirt/blouse.
I've looked through all the lolita clothing sites I could find and all the dresses are wonderful, but I can't make up my mind, and maybe I oversaw a dress or two (as there are so many), and Im not sure if the dresses would fit me, as well, in look good on me, so I could use some help with finding dresses that wouldn't make me look like I was the result of a marshmellow party :3

I prefer gothic lolita style, as Im not really into sweet loli, I think it might look a bit odd on me as I have pink hair..

I dont care what brand or what the price is btw, I was saving up to go to Japan with my best friend, but the trip got cancelled so I've got money to spend :) And don't worry about accesoires as I will buy them when I found a nice dress or skirt/blouse combination :3
Ah, and do loli dresses look nice on tall people? D=

Anyway, links to pics of me, as I somehow can't make a cut D=

I don't think lip rings are very loli, are they? XD

Sorry if posts like these aren't allowed... :3

Edit to add: I ment fit as in look good on me, I'll be pretty sure I check the sizes before I order ;)
ETA2: Thank you for all the sweet comments :D
ETA3: I found my dream dress! http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/nobara/088081.html
It's polyester though, but I totally love the design and it reaches about knee length, I love it n___n And it's probably the only dress that would reach knee length at me ;___;
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