Want, want, want... (a_dropofcolour) wrote in egl,
Want, want, want...

Picture Post: Candid PA meetup Pics + A few extra non meetup

So this is a little bit of a mixed post. There are a few (very few) pictures from the July 14th PA meetup at Longwood Gardens. Then there's some of me after the meetup.

Although I didn't have a camera at the meetup, my Mother did but she wasn't with the group(My whole family decided to go because they love Longwood Gardens). She took some candid photos of unknowing lolitas when we happened to cross paths BECAUSE SHE'S A STALKER! No, not really. And they basically look that way too.

The first lolitas on the scene. The lighting is horrible X|

If anyone would like me to take these down for any reason, tell me. I just figured I'd share, no matter how mediocre ^_^

So after the meetup I was there for about an hour longer...

Oh My, I finally smiled XD
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